Department Message

Mission: Graduates and qualified specialists in the fields of earth and environmental sciences who are able to compete in the labor market

Vision: A pioneer program in its various fields which keeps up with new updates with the focus on the practical and applied side.


The Department of Applied Geology and Environmental Sciences was established under the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences in 2002, and then the Department was emerged in 2005 due to the importance and the interference of the subject areas provided by the department with many sectors and government organizations and institutions; the direct impact on human, environment and natural resources; in addition to filling the labor market shortage. Due to the importance of the subjects studied by the student in this specialization, this program is distinguished by its practical and applied aspects, as well as its cooperation with many institutions, authorities, ministries, companies, universities and research centers that concerned with the geology and environment in Jordan.

The Department has worked over the past years to prepare and graduate a large number of human resources with high knowledge competence and practical experience trained in the field of specialization from all levels

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