Department's Goals

The Department strives to be one of the leading departments in the field of computer science and to achieve a distinguished rank at the local, regional, and global levels in preparing qualified graduates with high scientific and application skills, in addition to carrying out scientific research in the field. The Department's goals may be achieved through leveraging the following mechanisms:

  • Providing the necessary tools and facilities to provide an appropriate educational environment for the students and faculty.
  • Applying the state-of-the-art approaches of teaching and learning to ensure fulfilling the learning outcomes of the Department's programs.
  • Building or enhancing students' competencies to prepare them to contribute in competitive technical environments.
  • Producing scientific-research deliverables and high-quality educational programs focusing on the application of the computer sciences that comply with the international quality standards and correlate with the needs of the modern society.
  • Contributing to the community service and development through providing consulting and technical training.
  • Establishing partnerships with higher education institutions and the industry at the local and regional levels.