The Faculty of Foreign Languages is the faculty of cultures and knowledge where literature, poetry, criticism and theatre are enlightened. In addition, types of speech styles, approaches of translation, and different skills of writing are artfully as well as comprehensively explicated in the faculty. We are also looking forward to teaching foreign languages and transmitting  them to their devotees who are eager to learn about relevant nations through their languages. At the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the academic personnel are keen to provide students with linguistic and cultural knowledge that enables them to understand and accept the other while preserving the students' cultural and linguistic identities.

The Faculty includes several specializations: English, which provides students with both Bachelor's degree and Master's degree language programs, along with other curricular programs that grant Bachelor's degrees in French, Spanish and Italian. Each program contains foundation courses in language, subjects in linguistics, and other curriculums in literature, taught by specialized professors who graduated from prestigious universities in USA, Europe, Australia and other foreign countries.

The Faculty always seeks to update its study plans in line with the labor market and the requirements of cultural and technological development. In the near future, the faculty plans to open new programs in applied translation, and in languages for professional purposes. The faculty also looks for consolidating the aspect of scientific research in language fields, while shedding light on its overlap with other sciences, such as history, media, politics, and legal sciences.

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