Faculty of Foreign Languages

 Emanating from Al al-Bayt University’s utterly solid and deeply rooted beliefs, as embodied in its subsequent mission and vision, that studying languages plays a vital role in broadening the horizons and bridging inevitable gaps between different cultures and civilizations, the Faculty of Foreign Languages was officially inaugurated in 2022, independently of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities after three decades of fruitful liaison.

   This inception, therefore, does not and should not imply any intrinsic separation of foreign language specializations from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities fields as such; rather, it shows the genesis and the prognosis of our new faculty vis-a-vis the mother college which has had established roots and affiliations with many  other universities around the world. However, the nature of foreign language majors dictates and necessitates both academic and administrative policies that differ from the rest of those of other disciplines such as history, geography and Arabic. Accordingly,  a dire need for establishing this new Faculty of Foreign Languages eventually emerged and thus attained.

   The Faculty of Foreign Languages comprises four major academic departments: the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of French Language, the Department of Spanish Language, and the Department of Italian Language. The Department of English awards a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature as well as two master's degrees in Linguistics and Literature & Criticism; the Department of French also awards a Bachelor’s degree in Language and Literature/French-English; the Spanish Department awards a Bachelor’s degree in Language and Literature/Spanish-English; and the Italian Department awards a Bachelor’s degree in Language and Literature/Italian-English.

   The majors of European foreign languages taught at the new Faculty are characterized by their unique professional orientation that qualifies students in mastering both the English language and an additional European language of their own choice as well. This integration helps students to  accelerate and enhance their career chances  in the labor market.

    Teaching foreign languages in our Faculty is carried out by excellent professors with commendably extensive experience in the field of teaching literature, linguistics, methods of teaching languages to non-native speakers, and other language-related fields. These professors have earned their Ph.D. degrees and their expertise from a wide range of reputable and prestigious foreign universities in USA, Europe, Australia and other countries. In addition to the teaching process, the Faculty members are also commensurately engaged in relevant scientific research that truly reflects their acknowledged academic ranks. Some of them are Full Professors and others are Associate and assistant Professors; therefore, all of them have nationally and internationally participated in scientific conferences and editorial boards of international journals.

  As languages have a great impact on refining the personality and broadening the learner's knowledge and perception, a noticeable demand has arisen on the part of students to study foreign languages. Language students are guided to work in various fields such as teaching & education, translation, tourism, journalism and media, especially digital ones.

The number of students in all of the graduate academic programs in the Faculty ranges between 1,800 and 2000 students. Each year, more than 400 students are admitted and registered in these various majors that the faculty offers