The Department of Economics of Finance and Business, with its distinguished staff, seeks to be a beacon for the dissemination of science and economic knowledge at the local, Arab and regional levels.


The global financial services industry has created a strong demand for economists with knowledge of financial systems and markets by combining both economics, money and management, so the students of Al al-Bayt University in this department receives a variety of knowledge and economic, financial and administrative sciences, which enables them to rely on the methodological foundations of thinking to understand the economic, administrative and financial changes, and this qualifies them  for success and excellence in the business and finance sector, and makes them able to provide economic consultations, prepare feasibility studies for investment projects and scientific research, and provide everything that would serve and develop the local community.


I pray to the Almighty God to grant success to our students for everything they aspire to and to help us to perform our mission to the fullest.

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