The primary purpose of studying finance and business economics is to help students understand the economic, social, and administrative structures and variables that affect making money and well-being. The courses offered by the department aim to encourage students to consider the economic theory as well as the theory of enterprise financing and management, and then develop their skills in quantitative analysis such as standard analysis and financial and administrative analysis in order to deal with economic matters in a practical way. These courses also help students understand the economic conditions in different institutions and environments.

The global financial services' industry has created a strong demand for economists having knowledge of financial systems and markets through the combination of economics, finance and management. This qualifies students for success and excellence in the financial and business sector where students receive adequate knowledge and skills about how companies and consumers behave in light of different market forms. Students also receive adequate knowledge and skills about how capital markets and financing decisions work, which enhance the management and efficiency of companies.


Dr. Abdulla Algazo

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