​Department In Brief

The Department of Finance and Business Economics was established in the academic year 1994-1995. The department develops and modernizes curricula and study plans in line with the scientific and technological developments and the accreditation standards of the Jordanian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions, and linking the outputs of education in the department with the Jordanian, Arab and international labor market, so that students can keep up with everything new and have the opportunity to obtain employment opportunities and complete their higher studies.


To achieve leadership and innovation in the education of the financial and business economy, scientific research and community service at the national and international levels.


We aim to achieve the following objectives:

1.Preparing highly qualified graduates with scientific knowledge.
2. Strengthen relations with the local community and institutions.
3. Encouraging scientific research by faculty members and students.
4- Providing the Jordanian, Arab and international labor market with graduates having sufficient scientific skills in the field of finance and business economics.