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Most modern universities adopt a form of e-learning, and in the future the traditional role of universities will change, and the education system will mainly include virtual programs and open programs, and the use of the e-learning system in the future will be a natural requirement for the learning and education system in universities, and it will not be referred to hereafter as a separate system about university education in general. E-learning has added basic benefits at the level of the educational institution and for the student as well, so that traditional education patterns in educational institutions, especially in universities, change and develop through the use of available educational technology. It also facilitates the learning process for students by facilitating follow-up, communication, interaction and others.


The e-learning center at Al al-Bayt University constitutes an important building block of the university, and it contributes to helping faculty members design educational content on the e-learning platform and design exams on the various exam platforms. It also contributes to solving technical problems facing students and faculty members, and provides periodic guidance on the use of educational platforms and programs.



From the awareness of Al al-Bayt University and its anticipation of the importance of the role of e-learning in the near future, it was one of the first universities to employ this system in the educational entity of the university. And it established a special center for e-learning that achieves the greatest possible benefit for the student and enhances the performance of the faculty and its educational role. Al al-Bayt University seeks to employ information and communication technology to improve the quality of learning and teaching, through a gradual transition to creating a distinct interactive learning environment and achieving the best learning outcomes.


We work with you to provide an effective learning environment, to make it easier for students to learn and open up horizons for them


E-learning center manager



Dr. Seif El-Din Al-Rababah

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