Through its strong belief in the great and effective role it plays in serving the educational process, the Admission and Registration Department feels proud of everything it offers students and communicates with them. It is the point of contact between the student and the university. And overcoming all the obstacles he faces on his way until he graduates from the university, armed with the weapon of science and knowledge, to contribute to building the country with the knowledge and skill that he benefited from during his university studies.


Based on this pioneering role, the Admission and Registration Department undertakes the task of providing sufficient information about the university, its faculties, scientific majors, admission and registration requirements, and informing the student of all regulations and instructions that he requests. his needs during his educational career (student guide).


The department also seeks to follow the development of modern technologies in admission and registration procedures to keep pace with the era of automation, which contributes to improving the mechanism of work performance, task completion and simplification of procedures. The department has achieved advanced development in the completion of its programs in accordance with the directives of the wise administration and in line with the vision of the nation's leader in the transition to the implementation of the concept of e-government. The computer system for admission and registration is one of the largest and most important computer systems in the university, which made the department work to continue the successive development in terms of developing programs and maintaining or modifying them in line with academic changes. Among these systems are the electronic admission system in all its forms, the automated registration system, the academic follow-up system, results monitoring, student graduation and its statement, disclosure of student grades, and other computer systems that improve the level of services for students

The department seeks to establish a network between the department and the various colleges and departments of the university to contribute to the development of work performance and the speed of its completion. The department sets the goal of benefiting from modern technologies to facilitate student affairs, and leads the administrative and technical development of this beating heart within the walls of the ancient university, hoping from God for success and payment...

In conclusion, I wish all university students continued success.



Director of Admission and Registration

Salim Al-Mannai