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Since​ the establishment of the Department of the Secretariat of the Councils in 1993, it has been carrying out its work in implementation of what is going on and discussed in the sessions of the main councils of the university and its committees, through the director of the department, who presides over its organizational structure. The secretary of the council and the extent to which he performs his duties in the fullest and most complete way, he has an important and major role in writing down what is going on within the meetings of those councils, formulating the decisions emanating from them, and following up the workflow of the department and its implementation of those decisions, each according to his powers and in accordance with the applicable Jordanian universities law, and sequentially what is done from An amendment to the laws and regulations that refer to the powers of these councils.

In addition, the department adopts a strategic planning process for its workflow in accordance with the university's evolving and changing vision and mission, as it periodically reviews the reference documents for transactions presented to its boards, and updates the forms of those documents, and the resulting decisions related to administrative work at the level of "members of the board." teaching staff, the administrative staff, and university students.” At the same time, the department continuously seeks to qualify its cadres through continuous training in order to keep pace with the continuous development of administrative work at all administrative and technological levels, especially in light of the technological development that administrative work is going through.

Director of the Councils Secretariat Department

Kholoud Ahmed Al Shadifat​

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