1. Article manuscripts should not exceed 35 manuscript pages including figures, drawings, and tables, (about 9000 words).
  2. The manuscript should include two abstracts in Arabic and English with around 150 words for each abstract at the beginning of the manuscript.
  3. The researcher should attach C.V. explaining his/her workplace, academic rank, precise specialization and the most important research papers.
  4. The manuscript should be typed with normal Simplified Arabic font, in a 14-point font for the body of the text and in a 12-point font for the list of margins (including references) placed at the end of the manuscript arranged sequentially according to its appearance in the text.
  5. The manuscript should be double-spaced, and typed on one face of the paper.
  6. The researcher should submit an electronic copy of the manuscript indicating the manuscript title only.

The manuscript should be compatible with: (MS Word 2003,2007)

​The researcher should send the manuscript and the required attachments (written statement, publishing application form, and C.V.) electronically to the Journal's email. A notification of the received manuscript and required attachments will be sent to the researcher if all the conditions for publication are fulfilled.

Conditions of Publication:

  • The manuscript must Not be previously under peer-review or consideration of publication elsewhere, and the author should provide a relevant written statement.
  • The author should not have more than one manuscript at the same time, and he/she is allowed to publish only two papers per year.
  • If the manuscript is supported by some authority, the author shall disclose that by submitting a document from that authority addressed to the editor-in-chief of the Journal indicating no conflict of publishing the manuscript.
  • The editorial board makes the decision on accepting the manuscript for publication after passing the double blind peer-review procedures approved by the Journal.

·        Reproduction of any part of the contents of a published work is forbidden without a written permission by the Editor-in-Chief.

  • In the event that the manuscript is accepted for publication, a statement transforming copyright from the author to the Journal is required.
  • The Journal provides the author with a copy of the issue of the Journal in which the manuscript is published in.
  • The author gets a notification of receiving, and accepting or rejecting the manuscript.​

Please make sure of the following:

* Filling in the publishing application form

* Filling in and signing the written statement

* Sending C.V. of each author

* The title of the manuscript in both Arabic and English

* The manuscript contains Arabic and English abstracts

* The author's name is Not written in the manuscript

* The manuscript fulfills the conditions of the Journal and contains the manuscript elements.

* Merging sources, references and margins into one list.

* If the application is fulfilled, a notification of receiving the manuscript will be directly sent.​​