Objectives of the Center

The Center works to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Conduct research on environment, water, and energy resources in Jordan, including studies of water and energy resources and management, natural and human resources, environmental impact assessment of projects, provision of services in the field of environmental monitoring and awareness, environmental engineering designs, participation in the development of environmental legislations, conferences, seminars and training programs for certification in water, energy.
  2. To carry out the coordinating role to guide the graduate students to carry out their research in order to achieve the objectives of the Center and supervise the implementation of these programs in coordination with the Deanship of Graduate Studies and the Deanship of Scientific Research and relevant colleges in the university in coordination with the relevant institutions.
  3. Cooperate with relevant research centers and institutions at the local and international levels to serve the Center's objectives.
  4. Work on the establishment and management of a database of studies and research on environment,  water, and energy.
  5. Adopting research projects related to the objectives of the Center and working to provide financial support through local and international donor institutions.
  6. Providing specialized laboratory tests for postgraduate students and faculty members at the university and scientific, productive and service institutions.