Deanship in Brief

Originally part of the Deanship of Academic Research and Graduate Studies, this Deanship was established ‎in the beginning of the academic year 2004/2005, as a result of the ‎restructuring process.

Deanship of Graduate Studies at AL al-Bayt University is entrusted with the supervision, development and coordination of all graduate programs in the University, recommend their approval and evaluate and subject them to constant reviewing.

The Deanship aims to enriching Human knowledge in all fields through specialized programs of study and serious research, to pay particular attention to studies handle Islamic world affairs, and provide high-quality scientific and professional training to persons working in the various fields of knowledge, theoretical and applied, in order to meet needs of human society in general, and Islamic societies in Particular.

In addition to an academic and Administrative staff, the Deanship has a council, which is formed from the Dean (chair), the Deputy Dean, members representing each faculty and institution that offers graduate studies, and members representing the local society, that have remarkable and enriched experiences.

The council of Deanship oversees all matters concerned with graduate studies, empowered to take all necessary decisions connected with them in accordance with the provisions of graduate studies regulations.