The Degree Of Leadership Practice Faith The Directors Of The Schools Of The Directorate of Education Zarqa Governorate
The study aimed at identifying the degree of participating the spiritual leadership and its relationship with self-commitment among the principals of Zarqa education schools from the viewpoint of the teachers. It also aimed at studying the effect of the gender, qualification, experience and specialization. The study used the descriptive, survey and correlative methodology because of its appropriateness to the nature of the study. The questionnaire was developed to measure the spiritual leadership. It consisted of (35) items distributed among the following fields (personal traits, administrative qualities, human relationships and the team work). The validity and reliability of the method were verified. The population of the study (6641) consisted of all male and female teachers in the first and second Zarqa education schools. The sample was chosen by the simple random manner and it was (375) male and female teachers. The study proved the following results: The degree of participating spiritual leadership among the principals of Zarqa education schools from the viewpoint of the teachers is medium. In addition, all fields are respectively medium (personal traits, human relationships, team work and administrative qualities). The results indicated to statistically significant differences in the responses of the sample due to the variable of years of experience in favor of the medium experience (5-10 years). It also revealed that there were no statistically significant differences due to the variables: gender, qualification and specialization.
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