The Impact of Using Prezi for Teaching "Technology" for The Six Grade Students at Irbid 1st Directorate of Education from their Perspectives
This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of using a computerized educational program prepared according to the Prezi program in the achievement of sixth grade students in technology, in public schools in Irbid/Jordan. To answer the study's questions and test their hypotheses, the researchers used the experimental approach, as work was done to build two study tools from a direct post-achievement test, and a scale of trends toward learning technology, the sample of the study consisted of (92) students from the sixth primary class student at Ruqyah Bint Al-Rasoul Elementary School for Girls in Irbid, they were divided into two groups, one of which was experimental studied the Unit of Communications and Information Technology using the computerized educational program, according to Prezi, the other is control who studied the unit itself in the traditional way. The study found a positive impact of the computerized educational program, according to Prize, in developing the achievement of sixth-graders in the subject of technology, and their attitudes toward learning it, and to the existence of a direct correlation between academic achievement and attitudes towards learning technology. In light of this, it was recommended that the Prezi Program should be used in the production of computerized educational programs, and that seminars and workshops should be held for teachers and educational supervisors, to make them aware of the importance of activating computerized educational programs and employing them as a technological innovator in the field of educational work.
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