This study aimed to examine the impact of a cognitive behavioral group counseling program based on stress inoculation training in reducing post-traumatic stress among a sample of students from Al al-Bayt University. The sample of the study consisted of 16 students who achieved the highest score on a scale for post-traumatic stress disorder. These students were distributed randomly into two groups: experimental group 8 students (2 males and 6 females) and control group 8 students (3 males and 5 females). The researcher used the experimental method; the application of the program took four weeks with two meetings per week. Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to know the experimental treatment effect on the disorder post-traumatic stress. The results showed statistically significant differences on all dimensions of the scale between the experimental and control groups in favor of the experimental group. The study concluded that the counseling program based on stress inoculation training was effective in reducing the post-traumatic stress disorder. Keywords: post-traumatic stress disorder, stress inoculation, group counseling
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