Relationship between Loneliness and Depression Among Students in the Department of Education at Al al ?Bayt University
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between loneliness and depression using a sample of 510 undergraduate students from the faculty of Education at Al al-Bayt University (312 females and 198 males).were distributed randomly. The researcher used Loneliness scale and Depression scale after its validity and reliability. To answer the hypotheses of the study, the following scales were use: means and standard derivations, person?s relational coefficients, and t-test. The results of the study indicated that: - There is correlation between increase in depression and the increase in loneliness. - The level of loneliness is higher among the depressed students than the unrepressed ones. - There are statistically significant differences between males and females in the level of depression. Depression is higher among females. -There are no differences in the level of loneliness between males and females. The findings of this study indicated that it is important that counseling and educational programs designed for University students should include training programs aiming at developing social communication skills, which in turn would help in preventing loneliness and depression. Key words: loneliness, depression, university student.
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