Department in Brief

This Department was established since the beginning of the academic year 2004/2005 with the emergence of  the Faculty of Educational Sciences based on a decision of the Council for High Education.

The objectives of this
  • Prepare administrative efficiencies educational specialist in the field of educational administration and foundation.
  • provide students with administrative and technical competencies as required and on a functional level, and what fits with the educational developments in the field of school administration.
  • Produce specialized well-educated graduates in the field of educational leadership and educational services, and  prepare teachers and administrators locally and on the level of educational institutions in the Arab and Islamic countries.
  • Develop scientific research, enlighten students skills, and raise their abilities to be applied in the field of educational administration in general, and school administration in particular.
  • Contribute to provide lectures, seminars, and workshops, research, workshops, field research and educational institutions in specialized areas in educational administration and educational supervision.
The Department offers  a Diploma in school administration, and master's degree in educational administration, and the Department is looking forward to start a Master in Educational Foundation.

There are (120) students, of whom are (106) in master's level, and (14) in the level of diploma in school management. There are 5 members in this Department ,three of them with the rank of associate professors and two with the rank of a professor.