The Department of English Language and Literature is one of the ‎academic departments 0f the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It was ‎established in 95/96 to meet the needs of the Jordan society in terms ‎of graduating qualified personnel in English specialization. The Department ‎offers a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature, Masters of Arts in Literature and Masters of Arts in Linguistics.‎

‎    The aim of the Department is to prepare students to be proficient ‎in the language skills and competent in their command of the ‎language. This goes hand in hand with the academic plan of the ‎Department which pays particular attention to translation and ‎contrastive studies, both in language and literature, in order to uphold ‎the message and vision of the University in communicating with other peoples ‎and cultures.‎

‎    The academic staff in the Department comprises 11 ‎faculty members whose ranks range from full professor to instructor. ‎And the Department looks forward to raising the number of academic ‎staff, holding PhD in English Linguistics or Literature, owing to the ‎continuous rise in the number of the students benefiting from this ‎program.