Welcome to Department of Italian Language.

The Department of Italian Language has always been one of the most dynamic and committed departments at AABU. It is dedicated to the symbiotic relationship of teaching, research and the larger concerns of the campus and local communities. The Department structures its academic programs on the basis of their universal concerns, a practice that has readily accommodated changes in its disciplines that reflect the development of Italian studies as a discipline and the developing mission of AABU University.

The study of literature, linguistics, and translation  in both languages, Italian and English, has been implemented in the curriculum. Our excellent faculty members work hard to improve the quality of the communication skills of the large number of students we teach. Our highly motivated students work hard to hone their ability to think critically about works of literature and linguistics to understand how those works influenced and were influenced by the cultural contexts in which they were produced. They also develop excellent skills that will help them to succeed in any career they choose after graduation. Thus, our students learn to analyze complicated texts, speak about them with confidence, and effectively write detailed and persuasive essays that support their conclusions about the works they have studied with carefully chosen, logically arranged evidence.

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