Executive In​structions for the Co​mputer Center at Al Al-Bayt University

issued pursuant to Article (8) of the Al Al-Bayt University Scientific Centers Regulations for the year 1998.



Article (1):           These instructions shall be called "Computer Center Instructions at Al Al-Bayt University for the year 2001," and shall be effective from their issuance date.

Article (2):           The following terms, whenever mentioned in these instructions, shall have the meanings assigned to them below unless the context indicates otherwise:


University                   :           Al Al-Bayt University​​

Center                         :           The Computer Center

President                     :           The University President

Council                        :           The Center Council

Director                       :           The Center Director

Services                       :           The Services provided by the Center



Article (3):           The Center is considered a department of the University and is under the authority of the President.

Article (4):           The Center aims to achieve the following objectives through the use of computers:

A. Providing the University students with a necessary computer service by providing various hardware, software, networks, and operating supplies.

B.  Offering computer services to researchers at the University by providing the necessary equipment and software and training for scientific research and postgraduate studies.

C. Providing computer-related services for the administrative process in the University's colleges, centers, and departments.

D. Offering training opportunities for computer applications and usage to individuals inside and outside the University.

E.  Providing consultation and general computer-related services to public and private institutions, organizing, managing, executing, and monitoring these services for fees determined by the Executive Instructions for the Consultation, Technical Services and Community Development Center at Al Al-Bayt University.


Article (5):           The Center carries out various tasks and activities determined by the Director, in light of the needs of the University and the Jordanian community, to achieve its objectives.

Article (6):           The Center shall have a council called the Center Council, consisting of (8) members appointed by the President upon the consultation of the University Council for a renewable term of two years. The President chooses the Council's chairman from among its members.

Article (7):           The Council shall have the following authorities:

A.    Discussing and approving the annual reports and other reports about the Center and its activities.

B.     Discussing the Center's budget and submitting it to the President.

C.    Making proposals and approving the Center's action plans.

D.    Expressing opinions on other matters related to the Center's objectives, as presented by the Director.

Article (8):           The Center shall have a Director appointed by the University President for a renewable term of two years. The Director is responsible for managing the Center's affairs to ensure its smooth operation in accordance with the University's law, regulations, instructions, and especially:

A.    Proposing the Center's work programs.

B.     Presenting the budget to the Council.

C.    Submitting an annual report to the Council on the Center's activities and achievements.

D.    Any other matters assigned by the President or the Council chairman.

Article (9):           The Center may employ:

A.    Specialists in analysis, programming, networks, and operational work.

B.     Faculty members, research and teaching assistants, and part-time lecturers who are continuously or partially assigned to work in the Center.

C.    Any other competencies and experiences from outside the University that the Center deems necessary to contract with, either partially or completely.

Article (10):       The Center provides its services to the University's colleges and departments for students according to instructions proposed by the Council and approved by the President.

Article (11):       The Center may offer its services to the Jordanian, Arab, and Islamic communities in coordination with the Consultation, Technical Services and Community Development Center.

Article (12):       The University President, the Council Chairman, and the Director are responsible for implementing these instructions.