About the department

The University Security Department was established with the beginnings of the establishment of the university and is linked to the presidency of the university. It is one of the important departments in the university because it performs a set of tasks, which include:

Maintaining internal security and the safety of the university's facilities and property through the human staff and the control room with its cameras located in different parts of the campus.

The department handles security around the clock.

Supervising the process of students entering the university campus and monitoring their behavior.

Striving to provide security, safety and tranquility within the university campus.

Rationalizing the consumption of water and electricity in the university buildings after the end of the official working hours.

The department is committed to the directives of the university presidency to apply the laws that ensure the maintenance of order.

Participate in all activities that take place on campus, which include:

Receiving new students and supervising their registration process.

Supervision of graduation ceremonies.

Supervising technical activities, conferences and seminars.

The staff of the department in its two parts (university staff (30) people + attached staff from the pensioners’ institution through an agreement between the university and the institution is 109) with a total of (139) individuals.

The department looks forward to the following:

Creating cement images of the campus in lieu of the current check.

Installing cameras on the towers scattered around the campus.

Replacement cars attached to the circuit.