The Department of the English Language and Literature was established in the academic year 1995/1996 in order to participate in providing the local and regional market with qualified graduates in English. The Department had been one of the academic departments of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. However, since 2022, the Department has become one of the newly established departments of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

The Department hosts an undergraduate program that awards a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. In addition, it hosts two postgraduate programs which award a Master’s of Arts degree in Literature and Criticism and a Master’s of Arts degree in Linguistics.

The Department aims to equip its students with the necessary skills and qualifications to enhance their competency in the English language and its literature. This is essentially attained by its newly-updated academic plan which familiarizes students with contemporary topics pertaining to language, literature, translation, and cross-cultural contrastive studies. In addition, the Department acknowledges its duty in maintaining and communicating the message and vision of Al-alBayt the University by supporting cross-cultural tolerance and understanding.

The Department embraces 18 members of academic staff whose ranks range from full professor to instructor. The research interests of the academic staff include phonetics, phonology, prosody, intonation, translation, sociolinguistics, syntax, morphology, applied and theoretical linguistics, experimental linguistics, discourse studies, semiotics, language acquisition, semantics, poetry, prose, drama, literary criticism, British and American literature, post-colonial literature, and comparative literature.

 The Department looks forward to increasing the number of its academic staff in order to meet the continuous rise in the number of undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in its programs.