The Extent of Teachers' Knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder for the Required Tasks and Responsibilities Related to Scientific Qualification and Years of Experience Variables
The study aimed to identify the extent of teachers? knowledge of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for the tasks and responsibilities required of them. The population sample of the study consisted of 115 male and female teachers who taught at specialized ASD centers in Jordon. The instrument included 21 items to measure the extent of the teacher?s knowledge of ASD according to certain tasks and responsibilities. Indications of the validity and reliability of the instrument and items were also determined. The results of this study revealed that the extent of the teachers? knowledge of ASD with the tasks and responsibilities expected of them had a medium a total score of 1.89. The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences in (? = 0.05) and the extent of their knowledge of tasks and responsibilities was attributed to the years of experience variable. Further, there were no statistically significant differences at level (? = 0.05) in the responses of the participants on the extent of their knowledge of the tasks and responsibilities attributed to the scientific qualification variable.
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