Issues in Islamization of Knowledge, Man and Education.
Indeed, for all Muslims, the Almighty Allah is the source of all knowledge and He has granted two types of knowledge to man: revealed and acquired. This means that, therefore, all knowledge is sacred and inconceivable without values. Nevertheless, even though knowledge is sacred, its application can sometimes be mixed with human error, prejudice, passion and self- interest. Islam, therefore, sees the need to equip its believers with an understanding about the inter-relationship of knowledge with everything it encompasses. Furthermore, education in Muslim countries must aspire to bring forward learners who are morally and spiritually upright in their conduct as good citizens of their countries and who are highly intellectual and professional to contribute to the betterment of society, and humanity at large. This paper aims to examine and attempts to shed some light on issues of Islamization of knowledge, man, and education. The writer used the analytical descriptive method; he depended upon the relevant literature in addressing this paper?s issues. The paper concluded that there are variances among Muslim intellectuals regarding Islamization of knowledge. It also concluded that there are several reasons that significantly contribute to the critical need for Islamization of knowledge and education, and as such Islamization has become a matter of necessity. To this end, the paper proposed a number of relevant recommendations for Muslim intellectuals, education policymakers, stakeholders, and practitioners to approach Islamization holistically fervently and actively.
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