Graduating  distinguished and specialized cadres on a global level who are able to keep pace with the needs of the local as well as the Arab labor market , on the one hand, and graduating students who are characterised with active participation in the development of the field study using applied spatial studies, on the other hand.


Through the application of effective teaching strategies and active learning, the Department of Applied Geography employs modern technologies, such as geographic information systems and remote sensing. The department also works to provide its students with specialized geographic knowledge to prepare them for functioning in different fields and to enroll them in postgraduate programs in local and international universities. In addition, the department develops general skills for students, such as critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication skills, and many others. Developing lofty values among students is an additional mission for the deprtment, emphasisng on the teachings of true Islam, love of the homeland, faith in the nation and the tolerant Arab moderation of Islam. A further mission for the department is to  develope good attitudes among these students, especially in the areas of tolerance, acceptance of other opinions, cooperative work, and others.