The Department of Applied Geography was established in 2019 to promote the applied geography specialization that relies on application and field work based on modern technological techniques such as geographic information systems, remote sensing and the global positioning system. The idea of establishing this department came out of the urgent need for applied geography graduates in both public and private sectors. This can be ascertained by the unexpected number of students to register in the general geography specialization in other universities and the increasing need of the labor market for this specialization.

Vision: The Department aims to: graduate students who are globally distinguished and specialized to meet the needs of the local and Arab labor market; actively take part in the development based on applied spatial studies; graduate students who are able to compete successfully with international universities’ graduates, and be the destination of companies and institutions looking for specialists in geography and spatial planning.

Mission: The Department of Applied Geography carries out effective teaching strategies and active learning, using modern technologies such as geographic information systems and remote sensing. It further works to provide its students with specialized geographical knowledge to be able to work in different fields and to enroll in graduate studies programs at local and international universities. The department also develops students’ general skills such as: critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication skills, and likewise. Finally, it works hard to develop the honorable values among students, especially the teachings of Islam, love of homeland, faith in nation and tolerant moderation of Islam, acceptance of the other opinion, cooperative work and so on.​