Program Objectives

  • Developing specialized skills in the field of geography and in the field of modern geographic technologies, such as remote sensing, geographic information systems and special software, including  ArcGIS software and ERDAS IMAGINE software.
  • Training students on study, field and research work; and training them on designing maps,  collecting and analyzing geographical data.
  • Employing modern geographical techniques in studying geographical phenomena and in analyzing the relationship between them, based on a modern scientific methodology.
  • Affording the ability to study and analyze human phenomena and their relationship to the natural environment on Earth's surface.
  • facilitating the knowledge to understand natural phenomena, their characteristics, the laws that govern them, and their relationship to human phenomena.
  • Enabling the acquisition of skills in order to use and practically apply scientific statistical and cartographic means, aerial as well as satellite images, which assists in the work of research projects and the solution of geographical problems.