The goals of the department are to prepare nurses for leadership and advocacy in the health promotion, disease prevention and health restoration of individuals, families and communities. Also, the department is aimed to conduct scientific research to explore the community health needs. Therefore, the Community and Psychiatric Health Nursing Department is committed to achieve its goals by providing nursing students with the adequate knowledge and effective skills. Furthermore, the department is frequently arranging health education counseling and sessions for the community residents in Mafraq and Badia area. The department is also coordinate with the governmental and nongovernmental organization (e.g. WHO) in order to provide health services through arranging health campaigns.


Excellence in preparing nurses with a high degree of innovative knowledge, creativity, practice based on scientific and research evidence, and community service at the local, regional, and international levels.


Preparing legal nurses who are scientifically and professionally qualified and able to provide distinguished nursing care based on scientific evidence, serve the community and compete in the local, regional and international labor market in a stimulating ethical and creative environment.

Goals and objectives:
Graduating competencies that would provide the local and international community with scientifically and professionally qualified nursing cadres capable of providing distinguished nursing care based on scientific evidence.
Preparing professionally and ethically responsible staff and raising the level of nursing services in the region by providing continuing education programs, keeping pace with scientific developments, harmonizing research and application, reducing the gap between them, and including professional ethics as an essential element in the educational process.
Preparing nurses who are able to provide nursing care to patients in various health fields using problem-solving methodology, creative thinking and practice based on scientific evidence.
Develop and improve the information and skills of students regarding the process of developing and applying nursing plans based on the results of research studies in nursing practice .
Qualifying and training students to apply the basic concepts of administrative and leadership roles in nursing education and training .