Eutrophication Process in the Mujib Dam
This study aims at analyzing the physical, chemical, and biological components of the water stored in Mujib dam as related to eutrophication processes. Several seasonal water samplings starting from the year 2006 until summer 2010 were carried out, analyzed and interpreted. The results showed small variations in the pH and EC values of the Mujib dam water. The EC in winter time were low compared to summer time as a result of dilution process by floodwater. In addition, the concentration of major cations and anions were found to be higher in summer season due to evaporation. Moreover, it was found that the concentrations of NH4 + and heavy metals are lower than the permitted level in drinking water according to the Jordan standards for drinking purposes. The concentrations of chlorophyll "a" and the Plankton counts were very low. This study shows that factors like high nutrient concentration, high sun illuminations, suitable pH, high temperature, and the low velocity of water should lead to the eutrophication processes in the Mujib dam water, but, the eutrophication processes is very limited and do not reach to the level of algae blooms
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