Preliminary Geophysical Investigation for Suggested Water Harvesting Sites in the Northern Jordanian Badia
In this study, an integration of geophysical survey methods including Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES), ground geo-magnetic methods and soil-samples texture analysis were performed at selected suggested water harvesting sites in the Northern Jordanian Badia to investigate and characterize the shallow subsurface stratigraphic sequences and structures. The preliminary results of geoelectrical investigations provided general picture about the nature of subsurface stratigraphical sequences at each surveyed site. Moreover, the results of ground geo-magnetic investigations indicated to the presence of near-surface subsurface faults that could play a negative role for establishing water harvesting dams at Al-Subhi-1 site and to a lesser extent at Al-Ghulaisi site. The soil textural analysis of Al-Subhi-1 site was found to be of a loamy sand type, whereas the other five sites were found to be of a clayey ?
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