Geophysical Investigation Using Time Domain Electromagnetic Method (TDEM) at Wadi Deir Al-Kahaf Area/Jordan for Groundwater Artificial Recharge Purposes
In this study, Ten Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) measuring points have been conducted at four pre-selected sites along Wadi Deir Al-Kahaf in order to investigate the potential of the near subsurface deposits and aquifer for groundwater artificial recharge applications. The surveyed results suggest well resolved geological layers such as alluvial mudflat, basalt layers and their saturation states. In addition a hydrogeophysical cross section along the studied sites was constructed which permits to locate the lateral variations in rock properties due to water saturation and or facies changes. The saturated thickness of the Upper Aquifer System in the study area was found to be changed from 5 m near TEM 1 to about 120 m near TEM 4 in thickness. The Abed Basalt Aquifer (AOB) has an average saturation thickness of about ~60 m, and forming the main aquifer (~100 m thickness) near surface to the north of the study area. TEM-3 and TEM-4 sites were found to be potential sites for groundwater artificial recharge based on the constructed hydro- geophysical model. This study recommends implementing detailed geophysical investigations particularly in the most northern parts of the study area.
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