Remote Sensing Lab

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Lab Description

The Remote Sensing Laboratories of the Surveying Engineering Department is constructed over an enclosed area of 290 square meter. It is fully equipped and supported by highly qualified technical staff to respond to the needs of academic institutions, researchers, engineers and construction industries for:

 Studying  of natural resources
          Production of map


Latest state of the art equipment's that are mostly fitted with computerized data collection are used to perform various types of materials testing to the highest standard. Some of these equipment are 

 1. 23 Computers

            2. Smart Board
3. Program

            1. ERDAS IMAGINE ( is a remote sensing application with raster graphics editor abilities designed by ERDAS for geospatial applications.)

            2. PCI Geomatica

Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing lab

       Applications in Remote Sensing

Remote sensing and GIS for hydrology and water resources
Remote sensing and GIS for earth sciences
Hyper spectral remote sensing

Testing Services

The followings are the major activities that can be performed at Remote Sensing Laboratory

            The spatial distribution of the phenomena of ground control as part of a broad

            Study the changing phenomena such as floods and traffic

            Permanent follow-up of the phenomena can be studied so that at any time later.

            Data recording can`t see with the naked eye that the human eye sensitive to visible rays.

            Conduct a quick and accurate measurements to a large extent for space distances and elevations

            Study of terrestrial disasters.
             Study of water sources.
             Study the change in vegetation.

             Study of climate change and environmental disasters.

              Production of land use maps.

            Study of geological phenomena and desertification

Technical Staff

All training programs and measurements are run by highly qualified engineers and technicians who are constantly supervised by experienced faculties in order to assure the compliance of these technical activities with international standards. the software of remote sensing use to  satellite images processing and analysis, aerial photographs processing and analysis of, practical applications in the fields of surveying, geology, soil, agriculture and the environment.

Eng Alia AL-Mashaqba Lab Supervisor :

Lab  location  : surveying Engineering Laboratories   SV-3