Surveying engineering is a term incorporating the field of land surveying along with many other aspects of land development, 

construction surveying, and spatial data analysis and management. Following the advanced developments in digital data processing, 

the nature of the tasks required of the professional land surveyor has incorporated cutting edge technology in satellite image processing, 

digital photogrammetry, remote sensing, satellite-based global positioning, geographic information systems, 

drone based mapping, laser scanning, surveying and digital mapping.

There are a wide variety of jobs available to a surveying engineer in design, development and operation of systems for mapping information about the land,

the oceans, our natural resources and manmade addition, Students in this program can collaborate with other engineering and geoscience disciplines.

Overall, the department through its academic programs and research activities is preparing students to respond to the pressing needs of developing,

protecting, improving, sustaining and mitigating the various components of our developing infrastructure and the natural environment at the national and regional levels.

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