Surveying Lab

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Lab Description

The Land Surveying of the Surveying Engineering Department is constructed over an enclosed area of 50 square meters. It is fully equipped and supported by highly qualified technical staff to respond to the needs of academic institutions, researchers, engineers for:

Surveying equipment

        Engineering measurements

Land surveying


Latest state of the art equipments that are mostly fitted with computerized data collection are used to perform various types of materials testing to the highest standard. Some of these machines are    :

  1. Automatic Level  (5)
  2. Level (10)
  3. Digital Theodolite (5)
  4. Total Station  (5)
  5. EDM (Electronic Distance Measurements) (5)]
  6. Planimeters (5)
  7. Tapes (10)
  8. Poles (15)
  9. Handel Gps (2)
  10. Gps stations (5)          

  • Fundemental of surveying.
  • Surveying engineering.
  • GPS 

Testing Services

The followings are the major activities that can be performed at Surveying Laboratory

            Layout of construction projects.
            Property locations and land survey.
            Contouring and 3-D analysis.
            Profiling and cross sectioning.
            Training workshops.
            Coordinates computations.

Technical Staff

All training programs and measurements are run by highly qualified engineers and technicians who are constantly supervised by experienced faculties in order to assure the compliance of these technical activities with international standards.  Quality assurance of measurements and equipment usage services is maintained through periodic evaluation programs in term of checking the calibration of the equipment and upgrading them to meet the market demands.