Geographic Information Systems Lab

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Lab Description

The Geographic Information Systems Laboratories of the Surveying Engineering Department is constructed over an enclosed area of 290 square meter. It is fully equipped and supported by highly qualified technical staff to respond to the needs of academic institutions, researchers, engineers and construction industries for:

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Modeling


Latest state of the art equipment's that are mostly fitted with computerized data collection are used to perform various types of materials testing to the highest standard. Some of these equipment are :

Computers 27
 2Smart Board

1-ARC GIS (Is an integrated geographic information system issued by the Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. and known as (ESRI) of this system as integration as a system consists of three main parts (Arc GIS Desktop , Arc SDE, Arc IMS.)

Geographic Information System
Geographic Information System   lab
Data Analysis in GIS
Data Analysis in GIS lab
Satellite images processing and analysis
Satellite images processing and analysis lab
Digital terrain modeling.

Testing Services

The followings are the major activities that can be performed at Geographic Information Systems Laboratory  :

            Assist in new projects and expansion planning.

            It helps speed access to a large amount of information effectively high.

            Help to make the best decision in the fastest time.

            Help in the dissemination of information to the largest number of beneficiaries.

            The integration of spatial information and metadata information in a single base information.

            Documentation and confirm the data specifications and standardized information.

            Information and coordination between the relevant authorities before making a decision.

            High spatial analytical ability.

            The ability to answer queries and own the place or descriptive information inquiries.

            The ability to visual representation of spatial information.

            Assimilation (Modeling Simulation) for new proposals and planning projects and study results before the actual implementation on the ground.

Technical Staff

All training programs and measurements are run by highly qualified engineers and technicians who are constantly supervised by experienced faculties in order to assure the compliance of these technical activities with international standards. the software of Geographic Information Systems use to Fuel gas networks applications  ,Water systems applications ,Sewage applications. ,Phone applications and services, Special applications Forests and Transportation applications

Lab Location :

Faculty of Engineering - surveying Engineering Laboratories   - SV1