​Fluid Mechanics and hydrogen  Laboratory


This course includes what he studied in the course of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics and verification of equations that have been studied in those courses. These tests are: the pressure Center, the experiences of buoyancy, measurement of pressure, flow measurement in pipes and open channels, measure the flow through small openings, determine the force resulting from the collision of flowing surface of the liquid, the application of Bernoulli's principle, losses in energy because of the flow in the pipe and other connections, determine the operating characteristics of the type of centrifugal pump.

1.Renold Number Apparatus
2.Hydrulic Bench
3.Hydrostatic Bench
4.Bernoulli Apparatus
5.Impact of jet Apparatus
6.Centrifugal Pump
7.Open Channel Flow
8.Friction Head  Apparatus
9.Hydostatic Unit