Regulations of Equivalent English Language Test


1.     The examinee must bring (2) personal identification documents as follows, otherwise, he will be prevented from entering the examination hall:

A.   Non-Jordanian student: a passport, a document with a photo such as a driver's license/a university or personal ID.

B.    Jordanian student: Civil ID, university ID or driver's license.

2.     If the examinee came late to the session he registered for, he will be forbidden to take the exam, and new fees must be paid.

3.     Exam fees are not refundable for any circumstance.

4.     The examinee is not allowed to leave the examination hall before the lapse of (30) minutes from the start of the examination.

5.     The examinee is never allowed to enter the examination hall with a telephone, and if a telephone was seized during the examination, it is considered a case of cheating.

6.     The examinee must attend the language centre laboratories half an hour before the exam.

7.     The university is not responsible for approving the exam result with any other university.

8.     Approval of the website for the exam results.

9.     The examinee must answer all (50) questions for the result to appear.

10.  No person is allowed to enter the examination hall if they are not registered in advance and whose name is on the list prepared for the session in advance.

11.  The examinee shall bring the financial receipt bearing the fictitious number to be able to enter the exam.

12.  The examinee must attend the exam at the time he registered, and the exam session may not be postponed, whatever the reason. This is considered an authorization to accept the specified date on which he was registered.