A workshop for graduate students

The College of Graduate Studies, in partnership with the Deanship of Scientific Research, intends to hold a workshop for graduate students on a number of graduate studies issues related to the following topics:
The first axis: How to choose university theses that mimic real societal issues.
The second axis: How to extract research from university theses and publish it in international scientific journals.
The third axis: Getting to know the global databases of scientific journals (Scopus, Wos) and classifying them according to fields and specializations.
Fourth axis: How to obtain scientific research support for university dissertations.
Place and time: College of Engineering hall/second floor, on Tuesday, 5/21/2024, at eleven in the morning.
Note that the topics will be covered by the following lecturers:
1. Professor Dr. Ahmed Al-Khazali/Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.
2. Professor Dr. Akef Al-Fuqra / Dean of Scientific Research.
3. Dr. Rami Al-Shawabkeh / Deputy Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.​