Center Administrative Council

  1. Al Al-Bayt University president/ Council Chairman
  2. Center Director/ Council Rapporteur
  3. Dean, Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences/ Al Al-Bayt University
  4. Dean, Scientific Research / Al Al-Bayt University
  5. Dean, Faculty of Sciences/ Al Al-Bayt University
  6. Prof. Ayman Ma'ayteh / Mutah University
  7. Eng.waleed shaheen / National Center for Research and Development
  8. Mr. Abed al Fattah Al Nsour / General Manager, Electricity Generating Company
  9. Dr. Ibrahim Al madaain / Al-Rajhi Cement Company


Council of the Center has the following powers

A.     Drawing Center's general policy and approve the annual work plan.

B.     Study Center's annual budget and recommend adopting.

C.     Discussion of research projects submitted to the Centre and assist in obtaining the necessary financing.

D.     Study of the conventions to be held by the center with the relevant authorities and to recommend it to the president.

E.      Study the administrative structure of the center.

F.      Any other matters related to the objectives of the center