• General Objective:

Achieving the highest standards of security and safety, protecting life and property, and actively participating in serving the nation

• Special Objectives:

  1. Taking scientific and technical procedures to deal with crises during four phases: identifying crises and working on reducing them, readiness to face crises, responding to the crisis, and then recovery after the crisis.
  2. Activating strategic planning to deal with crises in terms of designing plans and drawing scenarios to manage crises and disasters through mathematical models.
  3. Promoting cultural awareness of crisis and disaster management and implementation of confrontation and relief work.
  4. Promoting awareness of the importance of volunteering and teamwork spirit among youth groups in serving their communities and country.
  5. Holding advanced training courses for crisis and disaster management.
  6. Updating and developing devices and systems of early warning and predicting crises before occurring.
  7. Conducting research and studies capable of predicting crises and disasters, and developing appropriate solutions for typically mitigating and managing them.