Course Outline

English for Graduate Studies Students

1. Instructor's Information

Instructor's / Coordinator's Name:Instructors of English from Language Center
Office Hours:To be arranged
Office and Phone:Language Center offices
Research and Teaching Assistant / Supervisor / Technical (if any): 


2. Course Description

The course is an intensive English language course which integrates the major skills of language (reading comprehension, structure/grammar, vocabulary, …….etc….) along with the different exercises. It teaches the ability in English language needed for study in an undergraduate academic program.  This course is designed to provide MA and PhD students who do not pass in the English Equivalency Test with the indispensable language skills.


3. Course Information

Course No.: 9902505Course Title: English for Graduate Studies StudentsLevel: undergraduate studies
Course Type: Theory& language practicePrerequisite:  No pre-requisite courses Class Time:


1st + 2nd + summer

Study hours: 6


4. Course Objectives:

a- The course is designed to help students develop the necessary language skills required for the English for graduate studies test.
b- The course focuses on developing the students' structure, reading and comprehension,  vocabulary strategies and critical thinking skills.
c- The course includes a multitude of analytical exercises and “multiple answer" questions that reinforce students' language approach.  


5. Learning Outcomes

(Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies)

Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be able to:

1. develop strategies that will help them to activate existing language knowledge and connect it with new information.

2. develop strategies to identify subjects/verbs, subject/verb agreement, objects, objects of prepositions, appositives, present and past participles, and connectors in simple and complex sentences/clauses.

3. develop reading strategies such as skimming and scanning in a variety of texts in order to recognize the main ideas, the organization of ideas, stated and unstated details, pronoun referents,……etc…..

4. develop test taking strategies.


6. Course Content

FirstGrammar review: language structure exercises
SecondStructure: subject-agreement
ThirdStructure: object of prepositions + exercises
FourthStructure: appositives + exercises
FifthStructure: present participle (adjective/verb forms)+         exercises
SixthStructure: Past participle (adjective/verb forms) + exercises
SeventhReview :  exercises + quiz
EighthReview:  reading and comprehension
NinthReading & Vocabulary: recognizing main ideas
TenthReading: the topic and the organization of ideas
EleventhReview:  structure and reading
 Mid-Term Exam
ThirteenthStructure: sentences with multiple clauses and                                                     connectors 
FourteenthReading and Vocabulary: stated details+ unstated details + pronoun referents

General Review:  reading and structure exercises


SixteenthFinal Exam



7. Teaching and Learning Strategies and Evaluation Methods

No.Learning OutcomesTeaching StrategiesLearning Activities

Evaluation /Measurement Method

(Exam/ presentations/ discussion/ assignments)

1Structure of languageGrammatical analysesClass exercisesDiscussion, homework, tests
2Structure of languageRecognizing correct/incorrect sentences Class exercisesHomework, quiz, presentation
3Structure of languageAnalytical exercisesWorking in pairs , class exercises Homework, discussion, tests
4Reading and comprehensionAnalytical readingRecognizing the main ideaClass reading, homework, discussion, tests
5Reading and VocabularyReading different passages with different topicsRecognizing stated/unstated detailsClass reading, text analyses
6Conversation and listeningCommunication skillsClass dialoguesTalking about a given topic/presentation


8. Assessment

Methods UsedAssessment TimeDistribution of grades
1- semester work (report, assignments, attendance) During semester20%
2- Mid-Term ExamTwelfth week 30%
3- Final ExamWeek of the final exams50%


9. Textbook

Main ReferenceLongman Complete Course for TOEFL Test: Preparation for the Computer and Paper Tests
AuthorDeborah Phillips
PublisherAddison-Wesley Longman, Inc. A Pearson Education Company
EditionInc. A Pearson Education Company
Textbook Website the-toefl-test-preparation-for-the computer-and-pape.html


10. Extra References (books and research published in periodicals or websites)

1-Collins Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL Test
2-Reading and Writing Barron's TOEFL iBT 15th Edition by Pamela J. Sharpe  Ph. D, free Download. Full Book Set

English for the TOEFL Test, Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL Test by Ingrid Wisniewska Reviews