Department in Brief

    Welcome to the Department of Mathematics. The Department is devoted to the study and development of Mathematical disciplines both in pure and applied areas of Mathematics. The Department offers undergraduate and master's degrees in mathematics and in statistics. Undergraduate Students are required to complete a total of 132 credit hours. Successful completion of such degree requires a well planned course of study. Appropriate choices of a combination of both compulsory and elective courses must be made.

The Department has modified the study plan for undergraduate students since 2010. The new plan achieves adequate balance between depth and breadth of knowledge. It allows students to study a 90 credit hours of mathematics courses, and to select 42 credit hours of courses in a concentration other than mathematics. Such selection can be better planned through coordination with the Department.

    At the graduate level, we offer M. Sc. Program (Thesis Track and Non-Thesis Track) in several areas of advanced mathematics including pure and applied mathematics. Students in the non-thesis track are required to complete a total of 33 credit hours including 24 credits from compulsory courses and 9 credits from elective course requirements. Then they must pass a comprehensive exam (scoring at least 75 points out of 100). Other students in the thesis track are also required to complete a total of 33 credit hours including 18 credits from compulsory courses, 6 credits from elective courses and 9 credits for a reasonably valuable research thesis under the guidance and supervision of a member of the department faculty.

    Currently, we have an active faculty of 20 members with plans to expand to 24 members by 2013. Despite our small, but growing, faculty, we have several areas of strength in the department including algebra, analysis, differential equations, topology and statistics.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Department scientific activities such as weekly seminars and workshops. Once again, it is my pleasure to welcome all mathematics majors to the Department and wish them all the best.

Dr. Ahmad Abu Saleem
Head of the Department of Mathematics