​Highway Laboratory​

Lab Description

The highway laboratory is one of the Civil Engineering Laboratories which is fully equipped and supported by highly qualified technical staff to respond to the needs of academic institutions, researchers, engineers. In addition, the laboratory can help the local companies in designing asphalt mixes and process all the tests on mix design. It is equipped with the main apparatus needed for highway materials, which include asphalt mix tests for the surface, base and sub-base. Also, the laboratory contains all equipment needed for:

Aggregate Testing
Asphalt Testing
Mix Design Testing
Roughness and skid resistance

* CBR machine automatic compactor, using for evaluate California bearing ratio.
*Centrifuge device, using for extraction of mix asphalt.
* Marshall Compactor apparatus, using for compaction of mix asphalt.
*Fire and Flash point apparatus.
*Penetration of asphalt cements apparatus.
*Ductility of asphalt cements apparatus.
*Benkelman beam apparatus.
*Skid resistancetester .
*Softening point (ring and ball)

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