Self-Efficacy in teaching among "class teachers" pre and in-service in Almafraq conservatism\Jordan
This study have investigated self-efficacy in teaching among male and female "class teachers" pre-service and in- service. Data for this study were collected from a random sample consisted of (206) students "class teachers" from educational science college at Al al-Bayt University; and "class teachers" from Al mafraq education directorate. Self-efficacy in teaching scale were applied and the data analyzed by using T test, the result revealed a statically significant differences between male and female "class teachers" pre-service in self-efficacy in teaching in favor of male, but these differences disappear among "class teachers" in-service. Also the results showed that there is a statically significant difference between "class teachers" in -service and pre-service in favor of teachers in-service. The results were discussed in the light of the different socialization of male and female; the practical training; and the real life experiences which teachers exposed to in-service
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