The Department of Arabic language and Literature is one of the academic departments of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It was established in 1994/1995, the year in which the University of AL al- Bayt was founded. Remaining ever since that time as one of the most highly desired departments in the whole university, the Department has been active in teaching, research, seminars, publications, and community service.

     In the field of teaching, presently the Department offers a Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Arabic Language and Literature. In addition, It is about to initiate a Ph.D. Degree in Arabic Literature and Criticism. It, also, graduate a large number of students, who have playing an important role in the development of Jordan and other countries all over the world.

   Currently, the Department consists of 61 academic staff members, whose academic ranks range from full professors to lecturer. All staff members are highly qualified, holding their Ph D degrees from Jordanian, Arab, and European Universities. Many of the academic staff members have published their research in form of books and articles in journals, and they contribute to academic and cultural activities on the local, regional, and international levels.

   Since establishment, the Department has organized several symposiums and seminars, in coordination and cooperation with various departments and faculties within the university community. Recently, the Department organized its first international conference on " Editing Manuscripts from the Arabic-Islamic Heritage: Visions and Horizons" which was held under the Royal patronage at AL al-Bayt University 21-23 December 2004. Papers of this international conference resulted in a conference proceedings of three volumes, 2006.

    In order to fulfill its main aim in the acquisition of proficiency in Arabic language and the attainment of a well-informed understanding of the Arabic Literature and Culture, the Department works on updating strategies of teaching courses, and reconstructing study plans to keep abreast with recent developments in Jordan, the Arab world, and abroad.

Dr. Nart Mohammad Khair Qakhoon

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