About the Center

The Center was established in the summer of 2005 and started its work at the beginning of the academic year 2006/2007 with the completion of its legal and administrative structure. The Center was instructed by the Board of Deans at the University on 20/2/2007 and started its regular activities with the academic world in 2008/2009. The Center aims to focus on the study of the Islamic world, its problems and contemporary issues and encourage its study, in addition to building a database and information about the countries and peoples of the Islamic world and Muslim minorities in the world. The Center also aims to conduct specialized studies and researches on the Islamic world in the religious, political, intellectual, economic and social fields, and to disseminate them through various means and to strengthen relations of cooperation with similar centers in the Islamic world in order to achieve the objectives of the Center. Political, intellectual, economic and social, and diffusion by various means, and strengthening relations of cooperation with similar centers, and attention to documents and manuscripts, Arab and Islamic heritage and spread awareness of its importance as the memory of the nation The collection of documents and Islamic manuscripts, and the collection and exchange of Islamic documents and manuscripts with the relevant authorities in accordance with the university regulations and the instructions of the Center, and provide the documents and manuscripts needed by the students and researchers at the university for their research and scientific purposes, and the preservation of modern documents and manuscripts, Islamic architectural heritage in cooperation with specialized institutions inside and outside the university. The Center also aims to focus on internal community studies. Studies are carried out regarding problems facing the security of the Jordanian society. They concern poverty and unemployment, family security, congenital and social security and the phenomenon of delaying marriage. Three projects were completed by the end of 2011/2012.