The department of History is one of the academic departments of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It traces its beginning to 1994/1995, the year in which University of AL al-Bayt was established. The mission of the Department is to graduate highly qualified students of M.A and B.A levels in the History specializations offered, which covers the ages of Modern, Middle, and Islamic Arab History. Beside that, the Department seeks to promote understanding the importance of historical studies in the comprehension of the changing circumstances and civilizations throughout ages.

The Department includes, presently 5 faculty members, whose academic ranks range from full professors to assistant professors, and they contribute actively to university community, local, regional, international academic and cultural activities. Most of them have published their research in form of books and articles in journals. Recently, the Department published a volume includes their researches within the field of history study. Currently, the Department members are engaged in reconstructing study plan of M.A and B.A programs, and forming an integrated plan of seminars and conferences that provide the scholars and students with the opportunities for the advancement of understanding of issues related to Arab-Islamic History via the different ages.