Courses Description

Courses description of maternal and child health department



  1. Maternal Health Nursing- theory (1001331): This course focuses on the study of women during different cycles of their lives including childbearing, childrearing, and menopausal periods. Knowledge of reproductive health, safe motherhood and gynecological aspects are essential for the planning and implementation of care during preconception, conception, antenatal, and postnatal periods. Knowledge from biophysical sciences, humanities and growth and development are essential for the provision of holistic care for women and their families within hospital and community settings. Content also include non-reproductive health problems facing women such as family violence, gender issues, and cultural aspects relevant to health of women. 
  2. Maternal Health Nursing- Clinical (1001332): This course integrates knowledge from Nursing (1001331) and the basic sciences to attain high competency level of reproductive health and safe motherhood practices. Students will apply the psychomotor skills and problem solving techniques to determine and to deal with the physical, emotional, social, and ethical nursing problems in the area of reproductive health, safe motherhood and problems related to non-reproduction issues. The nursing process is used for the application of clinical practice in various health care settings in order to manage, maintain and restore health of women and their neonate.
  3.  Child Health Nursing- theory (1001335): This course introduces the students to appropriate scientific knowledge which enables them to develop their clinical and educational approaches to care of children and their families. The course starts with concepts of health promotion and maintenance, and the prevention of illness and accidents. Selected physiological health problems including alteration in respiratory, metabolic, renal, neurological, endocrinology, cardiac and other health problems common to all children are introduced. The content also addresses the psychological health problems that face children including inorganic failure to thrive, child neglect and child abuse. Nursing management relevant to each problem is discussed using the nursing process, developmental theories, new trends and the recent approaches in the management and caring of children.
  4.  Child Health Nursing-clinical (1001336): This course integrates knowledge from nursing, growth & development and pharmacology in providing competent level of care to children and their families. Students will apply concepts related to growth and development, research, leadership and nursing process in restoring health for children and their families. Students will be introduced to different clinical settings including MCH centers, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers and apply holistic approaches of nursing care through primary prevention, health promotion, health maintenance and rehabilitation care.
  5. Human Growth and Development (1001337): This course provides students with the basic knowledge about human growth and development, which enable them to understand and assess the normal process of human growth and development throughout the life cycle, as well as normal problems and needs during different stages of human life.
  6. Neonatal Nursing  (1004153): This course introduces students to the main topics of nursing care of newborn babies both healthy and sick. Topics will cover normal newborn babies, at risk newborns and babies with an alteration in fetal growth and development, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, urological systems and other systems. Contents also include newborns with specific complication such as asphyxia, nutritional problems, immune disorders, infectious disorders, babies of diabetic mothers and newborn of mother under the effect of drugs misuse or abuse.​