The department aims the following, through the scientific and engineering curricula:

  1. Developing the scientific research aspect of the faculty members to supplement the process of knowledge and provide the required capabilities to complete engineering experiments with the highest degrees and consolidate the concepts of the academic program vocabulary among students and upgrade them to provide distinguished services to the government and private sectors.
  2.  Providing an advanced educational program that includes basic knowledge and skills to prepare qualified civil engineers to plan, design and implement construction projects and operate and maintain infrastructure components.


  1. Preparing distinguished engineering professionals on the scientific and professional level with efficiency that qualifies them to provide comprehensive scientific service for the construction process and engineering project management with broad specializations in construction and bridge engineering, foundation engineering, roads and transportation, materials technology, environmental engineering, sewage networks, and water networks, filtering and treatment units and complexes. Contribute to the development of engineering technologies by conducting basic and applied research.


  1. Building a scientific base that qualifies graduate students to complete their scientific career for postgraduate studies.



Preparing qualified engineers and consultants to provide scientific and engineering services and consultations, preparing designs, supervision, management, construction, service and investment projects for governmental and private institutions, and providing technical advice to solve problems facing the various engineering sectors.